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Rachael enjoys sharing her cake knowledge and expertise in private classes and through online Craftsy cake decorating classes, as well as individual business mentoring sessions. Enroll to learn all her secrets on how to create amazing cakes for your next event. 


I created Sugar Snippets to share my passion for all things sugar. I'm a cake designer, but I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. Whether it's a cool technique, a new class, or just one of my favorite recipes, you'll find lots of edible inspiration throughout this site to fuel your own sugar passion. 

Take your cake decorating skills to the next level in the comfort of your own kitchen with Creative Cake Design right by your side. As managing editor of Creative Cake Design, I am able to share even more amazing techniques with the help of world-renowned sugar artists. 
Check out Creative Cake Design for fabulous recipes, beautiful cakes, and lots of fun live events!

Crafty is a source for inspiration where you can explore videos and resources to spark your creativity. Expand your skills with access to over 2000 easy-to-follow classes across 20 categories taught by industry-leading experts.
Join Rachael Teufel in her cake classes!

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