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Tsu has Facebook shaking in their boots and I love it! As a business that uses Facebook, I've become more and more frustrated with their practices. They continue to limit our reach, so even if you like my page, you're probably not seeing my posts! In addition, Facebook makes money off of our content. Without us, Facebook is nothing right? And yet they are reaping all the reward. Doesn't seem right to me. I'm so thankful there's something new and better to replace Facebook!

Here's an article on the Huffington post that talks more in-depth about Tsu and Facebook's attempt to block them, but ultimately here's the takeaway... Users should be compensated for the content they create and see the content they want to see.

So many talented people work endlessly on building fabulous content for their brand. And while often there is compensation (directly or indirectly), many times there is nothing. While the compensation is minimal on Tsu, it's at least something.

But it's not all about the money! More importantly I just want my followers to see my content. I can't tell you how many wonderful posts I've missed from the people and companies I follow, only to find them months later.

So if you're as excited about Tsu as I am check it out. Here's your invitation:

And if you you love cake, look up #tsucakes!

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