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Tuesday Talks have been a huge success thanks to all of you. If you've been joining in the discussion on Facebook Live with me each week, you already know I share a ton of insight into the cake industry and running a business. Topics I've touched upon have included elements of design, consultations, sketching, pricing, and marketing over the last four weeks. (Check them out on my Facebook Page if you've missed them!) I look forward to sharing a whole lot more in the coming months!

Today's Tuesday Talk will include a tour of my kitchen where I get to show you all the amazing products and equipment I use in my own business of making cakes. These are my favorite tried and true products that I have grown to love through my cake making journey. Whether you are a professional or home enthusiast, you will love these products too!!! While some of these products include affiliate links, I promise I only recommend the products I love and can truly stand by. After all, any referral I make has my name attached to it as well and I would never put my reputation at stake if I didn't fully believe in the product! By making a purchase through these links you are supporting my Tuesday Talks which make it feasible for me to keep sharing my knowledge with all of you!

So here are the items you'll find in my kitchen.....

A few of my favorite baking supplies:




Use Promo code FDCrush25 to save 25% off Fat Daddio's Products from Global Sugar Art (valid until 7-12-16)

Some of my favorite Fondant Supplies:

Somerset 20" Fondant Sheeter

Sharp Edge, Narrow Rounded Edge, and Side Edge Smoothers

A few other things I can't live without...

The Evil Cake Genius is just that... EVIL! I swear I want to buy every product they sell because the are simply amazing. From their stencils to reuse-a-mold to their newest addition of the cake combs, I absolutely love their products!

Sarah's Stands are by far my favorite stands to display my cakes. They are super sturdy, yet light weight, and they come in a variety of styles and colors perfect for any event! Honestly, I use them for all sorts of things, not just for my cakes. The quality of these stands are superb!!!

Cake Safe has recently become my go to delivery system for my cakes. In the past, I've crafted my own insulated boxes complete with a dry ice compartment. And while those work great too, the cake safe looks far more professional, is way more stable, and makes taking a cake on a plane a whole lot easier since you can see through the box! I've had the honor of traveling to NYC twice for the TODAY show and the Cake Safe was a lifesaver. Not only did my cake arrive perfectly, but I wasn't stressed about the it being damaged in transport. The cake safe is worth every penny!

Cannon Rebel T5i The Original ScrapBox

Education is an important part of everyone's growth. I encourage you to check out Craftsy to learn valuable knowledge about your craft! See which classes are on sale here: I want to Learn!

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