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Snowman Cake Tutorial

I'm always looking for tasty, festive treats to create for the holidays. I especially enjoy making things that my son can help me put together for his teachers and friends. This snowman cake is a perfect project for all ages (maybe with a little help to bake the cake)! It's quite easy as snowmen are not perfect, so you don't have to worry about icing your cake smooth.

Snowman Cake Tutorial


6x6” round cake iced in buttercream

Piping gel

Sugar Crystals Modeling chocolate (MC): White, Black, Light Blue, & Orange

Paring knife


Eyes & Mouth - Free form rocks out of black MC. 2- 1” rocks and 5-1/2” rocks Nose - Shape 2” long cone out of orange MC and use back of paring life to add horizontal lines.

Scarf - Roll light blue MC to a 1/4” thickness, cut strip that is 24”long by 4” wide, create crease along the length and fray the edges with scissors or a knife.

Snowflakes - Use snowflake cutter punch outs with white MC.

Top Hat - Free form top part of hat out of black MC. Roll log approximately 2” wide then cut top and bottom off to create flat edges. Roll excess black MC to 1/4”, cut out hat rim using a 3” circle cutter, adhere top portion and curl edges up. Using the light blue MC, roll a 1/4’ wide strip to wrap around base of hat. Finally using the small snowflake punch out, add a snowflake to the bottom edge.


Bake, fill and ice your cake. Cover a 10" round cake board in white fondant. I prefer to cover my cake in white fondant so the crystals attach easier, but this step is not a necessity. Just be sure your buttercream is cold and firm before adhering the crystals. Attach the cake to the board. Place the cake on a turn table that is on top of a baking sheet. Paint the cake and board thinly with corn syrup. Using crystalized sugar, cover cake from top to bottom by gently pressing the crystals to the cake. The baking sheet is to catch excess sugar crystals.

Attach eyes and nose using toothpicks or a thin wooden dowel, and the mouth rocks using piping gel or royal icing. Place scarf around the base of the cake and overlap the two ends. Use a smaller piece to create the “knot” where the ends cross. Add the snowflakes to the scarf.

Here are a few supplies I used to create this cake. These affiliate links help support my Tuesday Talks and free tutorials:


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