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Turntable Extender Giveaway

It's been several years since I first realized my turntable wasn't big enough for the cakes I was making and didn't hold the cake in place while I was icing. I've tried all sorts of remedies like using giant masonite boards attached to the top, non-skid mats under my cake boards, and I've even taped my cakes to the turntable. While some of these things worked, it still wasn't quite right. I was so busy making cakes, that I never had the time to make my own version, until now! Enter CakeSafe... I'm kinda in love with CakeSafe. They make cake deliveries stress free, but that's another blog post! This post is all about the turntable they designed for me.

-I wanted a larger top... The Turntable Extender extends the working area from 12 inches to 18 inches.

-I wanted something to keep the cake from sliding around...The Extender comes with a flower nail that you can insert in the small hole in the center of the Extender. The Nail will keep your cake tier in place while you work.

-I wanted something that was food safe... The extender is made from 1/2 inch thick, smooth cutting board material that is extremely durable.

-I wanted something that didn't leave ridges in the side of your cake... The Extender has a smooth, flat surface so your scraper glides while icing your cake.

***Turntable is not included***

This Turntable Extender is compatible with Fat Daddio's, Winco or Ohuhu Turntables.

For a chance to win a Turntable Extender join me live on Facebook Tuesday, March 14 at 7pm. I'll be teaching a quick Watercolor Buttercream Tutorial and announcing the winner at the end of the tutorial.

You must be present on Facebook to win!!!

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